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I would like to thank you for your interest in the Euchee Butterfly Farm. We specialize in the rearing of butterflies native to Oklahoma, and are operated by citizens of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.  Our farm is also a founding member of the Tribal Environmental Action for Monarchs coalition, the only tribal partnership currenly engaged in the fight to save the monarch butterfly.


The mission of the Euchee Butterfly Farm is:


  • To create economic independence for the tribal people of Oklahoma through ecologically sustainable butterfly faming

  • To restore habitat and promote conservation of native species of butterflies

  • To use butterflies as a hands-on educational tool to get youth excited about science.


Our flagship program is the Natives Raising Natives Project. This unique initiative is providing 100 tribal members in Oklahoma with all of the necessary training, supplies and equipment at no-cost to raise native species butterflies on their own land. The Euchee Butterfly Farm will process the sales -- with payments going directly to the farmers -- providing employment which is otherwise scarce in economically depressed rural areas.


The Euchee Butterfly Farm is located on original Creek allotment land which has been in my family for five generations (you can read more about the tragic history of the Creek allotments here). We want to make that land economically productive, but productivity cannot be at the expense of the environment. The Euchee Butterfly Farm will utilize Native land without harming it, as it is an invaluable resource to our tribe and our history. Butterfly farming is more ecologically sustainable than traditional farming practices because butterflies need indigenous plants to survive. Also, no pesticides or herbicides can be used since they will harm the butterflies. We see butterfly farming as the perfect opportunity to conserve native Oklahoma plants and animals, and to honor our own Native heritage and lands.


We appreciate your support and look forward to including you as a part of our community as we grow. Please visit our website often so that you can follow our progress.



Jane Breckinridge

Director, The Euchee Butterfly Farm





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