At the Euchee Butterfly Farm, we only raise butterflies and moths that are native to Oklahoma.  Although over 2000 different species are found here, only a few are suitable to be raised in captivity. All butterflies require specific “host plants” to complete their metamorphic life cycle; these are the plants that the caterpillars eat and the adults lay their eggs upon.  In order for us to commercially raise our butterflies, we must also cultivate the native plant species that they require as a host plant. 
Once the caterpillar has become an adult butterfly, its primary source of nourishment is nectar flowers. Butterflies prefer a wide selection of flowers, and will nectar off of anything from peach blossoms to thistle. In addition to nectar, butterflies have been observed drinking from puddles for the salts and minerals they contain.
Here are some of the species that we specialize in at the Euchee Butterfly Farm:

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