Why butterfly farming?

Butterfly farming is the commercial production of live butterflies to be used for display purposes at zoos and butterfly houses, and for butterfly releases at weddings, funerals and special events. As a Native-owned business on original tribal allotment land, butterfly farming offers the perfect opportunity to generate economic self-sufficiency for Muscogee (Creek) citizens and other Native people while preserving our traditional goals of respecting nature and the earth. Butterfly farming is incredibly eco-friendly, and is also one of the fastest growing industries in agriculture today. The supply of commercially raised butterflies cannot currently keep up with the exploding demand. Butterflies have never been more popular. Not only are they mesmerizingly beautiful, their metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly is one of the great miracles of nature. However, for most people, visiting butterfly exhibits is the only opportunity that they will ever have to interact with these dazzling, fragile creatures because butterflies are quickly disappearing in the wild due to loss of habitat. Butterfly farming is our way of helping people to reconnect with the natural world, and thereby promoting protection and conservation of these threatened species.


At the Euchee Butterfly Farm, we only raise butterflies that are indigenous to this area. We do this so that the plants that we grow in our fields to be used as food for the growing caterpillars are also the species of plants that will be most helpful to local butterflies, insects and wildlife. Cultivating indigenous species of plants helps to preserve all of the creatures that rely on this fragile ecosystem.


Butterflies in the wild have only a 5% survival rate from egg to adult, while butterflies that are raised in captivity have a 95% survival rate.

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